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Wetcoast Recess…


This is a reminder that all students are expected to go outside during our 15 minute recess break regardless of the weather.

As such, all students (including intermediate students) should come to school prepared for any type of weather. This includes appropriate footwear and outerwear (warm jacket with hood). It is also recommended that students bring a change of clothes to keep at school in case of unfortunate accidents (at minimum a dry pair of socks).

The staff of École Westridge Elementary School are proponents of daily physical activity and fresh air. The change of environment is vital to maintaining focus and alertness throughout a school day. Please note that École Westridge Elementary School has undercover areas outside should students not come prepared to face the elements. Having said this, all students are expected to get fresh air during recess.

Noon hour supervisors and school administration will determine inside or outside days for lunch on a day by day basis. Students will not be expected to go outside during this extended period of time in severe weather.