Please find important start-up information and school supply lists in this event post…

Welcome back. We are excited to begin a new year of adventure and learning.

Please ensure that your child attends the first day of school (Tuesday, September 6th, from 9am – 10:00am).  All students are to report to their last year’s class. All new students please check in at the office to register and if you are already registered, please meet in the gym.

Students will be given important information about the first week of school and it is vital that we are able to determine the number of students who will be attending our school this year.

Our first week of school will once again consist of students attending a thematic carousel of activities. This year’s theme is “Growth Mindset”. We will be learning how to support each other in creating a learning environment that is conducive to taking risks with our learning. We will be looking at our own learning styles and embracing the word “YET”. We will be looking at developing self-regulation and self-discipline when it comes to persevering through difficult tasks.

The school calendar is constantly being updated throughout the year. It is important to check back regularly for new events or simply subscribe to the calendar.

Starting on Wednesday September 7th, our school schedule is as follows:

8:48 – first bell (students should enter school and be ready to learn by the second bell)

8:53 – bell for learning to begin

10:30 – recess (please ensure that students bring a healthy snack)

10:45 – bell for learning to resume

12:00 – lunch bell (please ensure that students bring a healthy lunch)

12:15 – bell to indicate students may go outside to play

1:00 – bell for learning to resume

3:00 – bell to dismiss students

School School Supply Lists:

Kindergarten students will receive their supply list information at their parent/teacher interview in the first week

Grades 1-3 Generic

Specific teacher lists:

Mme Turcios Gr. 2/3 Frimm

Mme Fenger (3/4 Frimm) & Mme Venner (5/6 Frimm)

Ms. Sheard/Ms. Dodd (4/5 Eng) & Ms. Kerluke (5/6 Eng.)

Mr. Lai (6/7 Eng.)